It’s For The Kids

Every night as I wash my face, I drift into the world I’ve created in my imagination. Last night was no different…except I was having a moment of discouragement which I chalk up to busyness and no opportunities to edit my novel.  It was around 11:45 pm, and I hadn’t looked at my phone all day.  How happy was I to pick it up and find a text from a friend informing me her twelve-year-old had just finished my novel and was begging me to write book number two!  So, a splash of cold water on my face and this text reminded me of why I started writing — I’m writing these stories for my kids and my friends kids.  If I’m never picked up by an agent, it’s okay.  I’ve been picked up by several young readers who love the story I’ve woven for them — and I’m not done.

Love you kids!  You are my end in mind!

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3 thoughts on “It’s For The Kids

  1. Meagan

    Yeah, we kids always know a good thing when we see it. 🙂

    • And you are an awesome support! Thanks, Meg. I promise to give you a signed copy someday!!

      • Meagan

        I look forward to it! It will be nice not to have to wait in the long line of adoring fans you’ll have at book signings. 😉

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