Awesome Support

The other day, I wrote out of desperation and fear.  No one likes to be rejected (just experienced #6), but I have to remember it is part of the process.  Hubby likened it to The Voice and the coaches informing a contestant that he/she isn’t what they are looking for in their team.  It doesn’t mean you stink; it means you’re not what they are looking for.  I need to find the person who is looking for my material.  So, thanks, Hubby.  I needed that.

But, I also have a LONG overdue shout out to a fantastic friend — Rosie.  Of all the friends to whom I sent my manuscript, I feared her feedback the most.  That’s not a shot at her.  It’s the complete opposite.  She, I knew, would look at it with a critic’s eye and tell me the absolute truth.  And she did.  She took my manuscript, read it, and sent me back gobs of edits in the form of a PDF file.  But she also sent some great encouragement.  When Rosie said I have a manuscript that deserves to be published, I almost turned back flips!! So I have been using my extra time (which is nearly nonexistent) to make the corrections she’s suggested.  I believe my writing will be stronger for her investment into me.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude.  Love you, friend!

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Support

  1. Unless they are willing to give us the tough love, beta readers aren’t doing their jobs.

    By the way, let’s not tell them it’s a job. They’ll want money.

  2. Rosie Perera

    Hey Laura, I almost didn’t see this. It’s been a while since I’ve checked your blog. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I gave you reason to fear my feedback, but I’m glad you took it seriously. I can’t promise it will help you get published, but I sure hope it does.

    • You’re the best, Rosie. I’m grateful for the help. I didn’t fear your opinion. I just knew you’d tell me the honest, honest truth. 🙂

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