Out of the Loop

I just wanted to recognize my absenteeism from the blogosphere for the last several days (weeks!). I have taken a job teaching and am up to my eyeballs in learning the policies, procedures, subject material, etc. that comes with it. It is going to be thrilling, and I love what I’m teaching!

Others might not find Gilgamesh, Odysseus, and Aeneas (to name a few) exciting, but I do! Hey, they are the precursors to Thor, Superman, and (my personal favorite) Wolverine! They were the original superhuman superheroes! I hope I can get that point across to my students!

So, writing right now has taken a back seat, but my brain is always churning with ideas and images that come to me to be written. Don’t worry, ideas, I’ll at least jot you down to remember you later!

I’ll be back…I promise!

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