A Little Perspective

Being a newbie to the official writing scene (that group of people who desire to be published) has been a bit overwhelming. I read blog posts and watch tweets and think to myself, “This scares me to death!” I wonder how Austen, Swift, Twain, and others would have fared in this world of social media meets writing. I mean, can you imagine Hemingway blogging, let alone tweeting! I don’t know where he would have fit it in his writing, drinking, arm-wrestling schedule!

I just don’t know. I need help so I don’t lose sight of why I started writing my book to begin with…to write a story for my kids. I have a tendency for “Ready, Fire, Aim” and am grateful for a husband who points that out when he sees me spinning a bit out of control. An example:

(For dramatic purposes imagine Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz with a Texas accent)

Me: “I’m thinking I should attend a writer’s conference?” Showing eight pages of information I’ve printed for emphasis.
Him: “Honey. Write your book.”

Me: “I’m thinking I should join this writing group and attend its bimonthly meetings.” Showing the calendar where I’ve already marked the meetings and times for the next year.
Him: “Honey. Just write your book.”

Me: “My writing is terrible and no one will publish it!” Flinging myself on the sofa dramatically face-first.
Him: “Honey. It’s not terrible. Write your book.”

I think I need to calm down and write my book. I am happy to do my research and know what to do should I actually ever see my book cross an agent’s table, but with the help of the hubby I’ll try and keep a little perspective.

(I’m not certain how copyright rules apply with blogs, but I wanted to share a really great blog post I read on Rick Riordan’s website. Having read all the Percy Jackson series and thoroughly enjoyed them, I really enjoyed learning why he wrote the stories to begin with…an ADHD hero to encourage an ADHD son. What a great dad!)

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