My Moment With Marty

While I’m waiting for another load from my mountainous pile of laundry to dry (seriously…will it ever end?), I thought I’d share with my loyal readership the dream I had last night.

I was in a therapy session (not something I attend normally, but obviously sorely needed in my dream). My kind and very attentive session leader was none other than Martin Scorsese. I hear you thinking, “Why Martin Scorsese?” and the only thing I can tell you is I have no idea.

I’m not sure exactly what we were all visiting about and it wasn’t my turn to share, but I did anyway. Well, actually what I did was burst into a sobbing mess of tears who desperately needed a tissue. Gratefully, Marty (that’s what I call him because we’re close and he’s my therapy leader) was a very empathetic fellow. He stopped the poor individual I had interrupted with my outburst and asked me in his well-recognized, Italian, slightly high-pitched voice, “Oh, Laura, dear. Now what’s the matter?”

Through my blubbering I could make out myself saying, “I just want to be a writer! I just want to be published!” (My subconscious is really, really revealing.)

Marty reached over, patted me kindly and said, “You will be a writer. Do you have a manuscript?”

“Yes,” I said sniveling. “It’s already typed in proper manuscript form: double-spaced, 12 font Times New Roman because agents hate Comic Sans. I have the word count and all!”

And then, something amazing happened. Martin Scorsese asked to see my manuscript…

And my alarm went off.


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4 thoughts on “My Moment With Marty

  1. Your comic sans comment made me giggle because apparently it's the red headed stepchild of fonts for many people! 😉

  2. Love that dream!For more on Comic Sans, see here and the websites it links to under Further Reading.

  3. Barry Brake

    Very obviously a dream, because in reality you’d be using Courier — preferred by agents for some bizarre reason I know not!!!

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