I’ve Written a Novel

Last July, I sat in the quiet cabin our family rented for a week in the Colorado Rockies, and I had a vision. Wait. That’s not exactly true. The vision actually occurred the month prior while watching X Men First Class (I have a fondness for mutant heroes…Wolverine, in particular. But I digress.). I saw a young, teenaged girl with a mysterious identity. I thought about her frequently, wondering about who she was and why we had serendipitously met.

Fast forward back to July. Those quiet moments in the cabin (and the absence of technology other than Microsoft Word) brought clarity to our meeting. I was meant to tell her story, and quite a story it is. I sat there in the evenings, my children playing cards, my husband reading, and I began to write. It poured out of me as though a dam had broken. It was thrilling.

I just wrote my last chapter a few days ago and gave it to my oldest to read. He is an avid reader and pretty honest. He liked it. I still have editing to do because it isn’t yet to my liking, but after eighteen chapters I feel pretty darn proud.

Thank you for sharing your world with me, Brigid, I’m excited about our next adventure.

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